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Go go Godaiva!

Every summer model horse maven Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig hosts a Facebook challenge called National Retro Vintage Month (NaReViMo). Its a fun group where "Every August we come together to complete one custom in the vintage or retro custom style! From start to finish!" I have always wanted a charcoal Proud Arabian Mare, but Breyer never produced her in that colour. Now, I had been wanting to learn how to add hair to models, so inspiration struck me to combine them! The result is Godaiva, beautiful & dramatic!

She has made some waves in the model horse world, first she was featured in SMB's newsletter. If you haven't subscribed to her newsletter already, be sure to do so, its chock full of model insights from one of the best in the industry! . Then, my model horse heroes, Mares in Black, featured my Godaiva custom in Episode #51!! I'm so surprised and honoured! Tune in to their amazing podcasts, all about the many facets of the model horse world. Godaiva is featured at 38:30!


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