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Artisan Gallery Listings

My Artisan Gallery listings are now live! You can bid at

There are two groups, the first group's auctions will end Friday, July 15.

The second group's auctions will end Saturday, July 16.

To avoid everything ending all at once, each model will have a different end time, spaced 15 minutes apart. Feel free to download the images for easy reference. Here is the breakdown:

First Group


Amelia ending 7:00 PM EDT

Legend ending 7:15 PM EDT

Flora ending 7:30 PM EDT

Theo ending 7:45 PM EDT

Chillbert ending 8:00 PM EDT

Morgan Medallion ending 8:15 PM EDT

Second Group


Tajo ending 7:00 PM EDT

Avalon ending 7:15 PM EDT

Fireheart ending 7:30 PM EDT

Miss Mattie ending 7:45 PM EDT

Wraith ending 8:00 PM EDT

Turquoise Medallion Purse ending 8:15 PM EDT

Rose Gold Medallion Purse ending 8:30 PM EDT


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