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Snowdrift Studio is a place for the creation of unique model horse artwork by Lynn Cassels-Caldwell.  Lynn specializes in hand painting highly detailed model horses with oil paints.   Lynn started her equine art career as a youngster (her Mother was a professional artist), furthered her extensive training in fine art & photography education in college, and worked as a horse portrait artist for over 20 years in Ontario, Canada.  She primarily worked with oils, pastels & drawing, also producing equine prints and showing in commercial galleries as well.  In addition, she owned, trained and showed her own Arabian horses.


Her grandmother owned a small craft and gift store called “The Doll House”, which sold Breyer model horses.  Lynn was born with an intense love of horses, playing endlessly with her models, and she learned to manage the Breyer account for the store, as a teenager.


In 2000, her art career transitioned into full time horse show photography and equine graphic design, and she has worked at the international level as an official show photographer.  


In 2014 Breyer Animal Creations, a division of Reeves International, purchased one of Lynn’s photographs of the Clydesdale stallion, SBH Phoenix for the packaging of their portrait model of him.  This reignited her love of model horses!  She began using her existing art skills to paint models and artist’s resin sculptures, which have been very well received, and even won many model show championships, including national championships at the North American Nationals (NAN) show in Kentucky.


In 2020, Lynn went through a juried selection process, and was accepted to participate in the BreyerFest Virtual Artisan Gallery, joining exceptional artists, sculptors, and model horse related artisans.  

Having owned horses for about 30 years has shaped Lynn’s style of realism.  With the perspective of being a horse person herself, her goal is always that the horse must look great in anything that she produces.  


Lynn states, “Its PASSION.  Plain and simple.  Passion for that magnificent creature called horse is what makes me.  

I was born with that passion, and it has lead me on paths and to places that I never expected.  I see the beauty and humble spirit of the horse, and that drives me to create in multiple mediums. I really can't help it, I just have to do it!  This passion has shaped my life in all its facets, mentally, spiritually & physically, but most of all creatively.  I'll use anything really, to express what the horse expresses to me, and through me.  I was honoured and thrilled to be a part of the BreyerFest Artisan Gallery!”


She is always keen for a challenge, so its no surprise that difficult dapple coat patterns are most intriguing to her.  She works mostly by commission, creating special one of a kind dream horse models, or portrait pieces for her clients, all individually by hand.  She also sometimes offers finished models outside of commissions.  Her career path has followed a rather circular route, bringing her back now to her artistic roots, but horses will always remain at her centre.


Lynn Cassels-Caldwell


© 2020 by Lynn Cassels-Caldwell.

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