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NaMoPaiMo 2022

National Model Painting Month (NaMoPaiMo) has concluded for 2022. Many thanks to Jennifer Bray Buxton and all of the Admins who have brought this event to the model horse community for the past 6 years! They have fostered a stellar group of participants from around the world each year. Every skill level is welcome, and people are exceptionally helpful, caring and ready to assist with any kind of painting questions.

This year I chose to paint a Miss Mattie resin, sculpted by Carol Williams. She is a mini Matriarch in curio size. My challenge was to paint her as a black rabicano roan, using only oil paints.

Her small scale turned out to be my biggest challenge, but I persevered, working on her almost every day to get her done by the end of February. Using a fast drying Titanium White alkyd oil paint (Gamblin FastMatte) helped me to finish on time.

I'm super pleased with her!

She will be offered in my upcoming BreyerFest sale!


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