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The Canadian Glaze Oil Society Members show is running from October 1 to October 29, in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, 2022. The theme this year is "Renewal". I'm the only equine artist in the group, so of course I had to somehow incorporate horses in my piece. I'm very pleased to have "ReFresh" accepted for the exhibition! It is 11"x14" on a cradled wood panel.

“ReFresh” depicts a group of horses in a river. The beautiful, Paint herd leader calmly surveys the area around them. It’s a peaceful moment of rest and relaxation. The cooling river flow on a hot day, and relief from thirst renews and refreshes them all. Water is Nature’s ultimate renewal source, supporting all living organisms and ecosystems on Earth. The people, the horses, the plants and trees, the birds, the fish, and even the micro-organisms all benefit from the life giving properties of water.

I honour Water, through the spirit of the horse, for its ability to provide perpetual renewal.

Glaze oil paintings are worked in many multiple thin layers, using the techniques of traditional oil painting in the Old Masters methods. This allows for amazing jewel toned colours and precise detail.

I will be attending the Meet The Artist's Reception, on October 15, from 1 to 4 pm. You are invited! The show is located at the Blue Mountain Foundation For The Arts, 65 Simcoe St. Studio 1, Collingwood, ON, Canada.


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