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Stone's "Art of The Horse"

A few months ago I entered my oil painting "ReFresh" in the Stone Horses "Art of The Horse" (AoTH) contest. The winners were announced during BreyerFest. Yesterday Stone announced that they had created new models that were inspired by some of the other entries.

I'm very honoured to have my artwork selected for this very special offering!

I'm absolutely over the top in love with them!

How wonderful to see art inspired by art!

Introducing ReFresh by Stone!

He will be available in TWO sizes, Traditional and Chip, exclusively on Saturday August 26, opening at 3 p.m., EST on the Stone Horses website under New Releases:

Chestnut Medicine Hat Ideal Stock Horse Run of 15 pieces $389.99

Chestnut Medicine Hat Stock Chip Run of 10 Pieces $139.99 Painted by Jess Hamill

Don't miss out on these super special Stone Snowdrifters!


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